domenica 13 marzo 2011


The Subs is an electro band from Ghent, Belgium . The Subs are Jeroen De Pessemier aka Papillon (songwriter / producer, ex-Bolchi, ex-Foxylane), Wiebe Loccufier aka Tonic (producer / DJ, half of the dj-duo Starski & Tonic, heirs of 2 ManyDJs and The Glimmers in notorious kingdom Culture Club) and Highbloo (DJ, part of the Partyharders Squad). After the release of some underground club hits like "You Make Me Spill ',' Fuck That Shit" and "Substracktion 'position, the raw punk thrash song' Kiss My Trance" in 2008 for a breakthrough in the Belgian dance sensation. At the end of 2008 they released their debut album The Subs Subculture, inspired by the milestones in the dance music of the 90s (like Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers and Underworld). In 2010, the group released a new single, along with Partyharders : The Pope of Dope.

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  1. "The pope of dope" I smirked a little at my desk.

  2. You really love your house music, question though do like dnb, dubstep? ;D

  3. Great post. Followed!